• Daniel le Roux
    Daniel le RouxDIRECTOR

    As Tempo Pilates’ director, Daniel really does see Pilates as a way of life. Having qualified as a…read more


      One of Tempo Pilates most friendly and compassionate trainers, Gina’s background in fitness sparked her interest in…read more


      • Maureen Zalloum
        Maureen ZalloumOPERATIONS DIRECTOR

        Maureen started ballet aged just 4, and has taught dance classes from the age of 16. She has… read more

        • Sarah May

          Sarah first started Pilates during her dance training on the BA(Hons) Theatre Dance Course at London Studio Centre. She found… read more

          • Toby Davis
            Toby DavisTRAINER | TEMPO PILATES

            Toby holds a level 3 Diploma in personal training. He specialises in strength training and… read more

            • Kirsten Somers
              Kirsten SomersTRAINER | TEMPO PILATES
              Currently living in London but originally from Melbourne, Australia. After years of… read more
              • James Shaw
                James ShawTRAINER | TEMPO PILATES

                James found Pilates after a dramatic weight loss. He’d lost the weight, but still…read more

                • Simge Cronin
                  Simge CroninTRAINER | TEMPO PILATES

                  Simge’s interest in pilates began at University. Having grown up in Izmir Turkey, pilates was an extremely … read more

                  • Marianna Mouaimi
                    Marianna MouaimiTRAINER | TEMPO PILATES

                    Marianna, came to London to study Theatre Dance at London Studio Centre, University of the Arts London, where she gained a BA Honours. Since then she … read more

                    • Aimee Adams
                      Aimee AdamsTRAINER | TEMPO PILATES

                      Aimee has always had a keen interest in health and fitness and was first introduced to Pilates whilst living in Melbourne, Australia, where she……read more

                      • Amanda Formisano
                        Amanda FormisanoTRAINER | TEMPO PILATES

                        With a background in history and anthropology which took her everywhere from New Delhi to Neolithic Naples, followed by a period as an achy-backed pastry chef in ma ……read more

                        • Yasmin Jones Sheahan
                          Yasmin Jones SheahanTRAINER | TEMPO PILATES

                          Yasmin began dancing at a young age, which sparked her interest in fitness. Though she went off to study Maths at University, she always made the time to stay fit, and began teaching dance……read more

                          • Diveesha Shahani
                            Diveesha ShahaniTRAINER | TEMPO PILATES

                            Diveesha came to Pilates through attending endless classes at Tempo and falling in love with the high energy and…read more

                            • Terry Smith
                              Terry SmithTRAINER | TEMPO PILATES

                              Terry came to Pilates after sustaining an injury whilst running. Shortly through continued practice his injuries cleared up and his love for …read more

                              • Tina Tan
                                Tina TanTRAINER | TEMPO PILATES

                                Tina discovered Pilates whilst on holiday, but only truly fell in love with it after …read more

                                • Poppy Young
                                  Poppy YoungTRAINER | TEMPO PILATES

                                  Poppy graduated with a National Diploma in Dance and Musical Theatre from The Urdang Academy and after having fitness and movement being such a … read more

                                  • Alicia Morgan
                                    Alicia MorganTRAINER | TEMPO PILATES

                                    Alicia’s Pilates journey began after suffering a back injury, as a professional dancer she was seeking a balance between …read more

                                    • Verner Freeson
                                      Verner FreesonTRAINER | TEMPO PILATES

                                      Verner trained as a professional ballet dancer for 9 years and graduated under the same professor as Mikhail Baryshnikov …read more

                                      • Inês Ferreira
                                        Inês FerreiraTRAINER | TEMPO PILATES

                                        After being introduced to Pilates at age 13 at ballet school in Portugal, Ines…read more

                                        • Melissa Hadden
                                          Melissa HaddenTRAINER | TEMPO PILATES

                                          Melissa has been in the fitness industry for over ten years. She holds qualifications as a… read more

                                          • Deinny Reyes
                                            Deinny ReyesTRAINER | TEMPO PILATES

                                            Deinny’s interest in Pilates started at Tempo. She was really inspired by all the students who attended classes and not long after she decided to … read more

                                            • Matea Hrustic
                                              Matea HrusticTRAINER | TEMPO PILATES

                                              Matea has been dancing since the age of 3 and has always found movement as a part of her every day life. After graduating from The Urdang academy as a dancer, she… read more

                                              • Fabrizia Pesce
                                                Fabrizia PesceTRAINER | TEMPO PILATES

                                                Fabrizia first discovered Pilates when moving to London in 2013. After attending countless classes of both mat and reformer Pilates and falling in love with…read more

                                                • Hannah Cable
                                                  Hannah CableTRAINER | TEMPO PILATES

                                                  It was through her training as a professional dancer, that Hannah discovered her love for Pilates. Hannah has now been practising pilates (reformer and mat) for 10 years and … read more