Tina discovered Pilates whilst on holiday, but only truly fell in love with it after discovering the Tempo Pilates method. After over 300 hours of Pilates, Tina decided to complete her teacher training with JPilates. She is a strong believer that regular movement can have a deeply transformational impact on someone’s life. She is so enthusiastic about Pilates that once she invited someone she just met at a party to come along to Pilates with her. They are now good friends, not to mention the friend has also become a regular at Tempo!

    Tina’s Fitness Philosophy

    “Start small, build it up, and soon it will simply become a part of who you are.” Everyone starts somewhere – even the greatest people whom we look up to had to start from scratch at one point. Not every day will be a good day, but if we can start small and build it up, we can have a good life.

    Why Tina’s class?

    Come to Tina’s class for some positive energy! She’s warm and welcoming and aims to make all her clients feel amazing by engaging both their mind and body in a class.