Michelle began Pilates as part of her National Diploma in Musical Theatre and Dance at London’s Urdang Academy. It became part of her regular exercise regime when she realised how important it was to her dance training, and how it can transform your body. Whilst living in South Africa Michelle decided she wanted to share the power of Pilates and qualified in comprehensive and mat Pilates at the Pilates Centre SA. She went on to teach at the centre and several others and she found that her background in dance gave her a deep knowledge of body alignment, how to best utilise the body for maximum effect. Reformer Pilates is Michelle’s favourite as it is so effective, varied, and can be adjusted to suit anyone.
    MICHELLE’S FITNESS PHILOSOPHY – Integrity and efficiency of movement is vital. If you move with technique and focus, you can get maximum benefit from each exercise.
    WHY MICHELLE’S CLASS? – Michelle likes to challenge her students and keeps a positive and encouraging atmosphere. She’ll help you to get the most out of every exercise, no matter what level you are. Michelle’s class is a no-judgement zone, where we are all there to enjoy ourselves and to push ourselves to the next level.