Reformer Snake at Tempo Pilates London E8 studio by Daniel le Roux

The Snake (also referred to as Snake/Twist) is a complex exercise originally done on the Reformer. It requires skill, great control and coordination of the body and mind. And by mind I mean the desire and will to do this exercise. The Snake is a Compound Movement integrating upper and lower body with a spine twist.


• Alway make sure you’re warmed up first and never use this exercise to early in your routine

• Firmly place your top foot/heel on the foot-bar and bring the bottom leg in front and cross it over.

• Starting position lift through your hips and lean into the heel/foot-bar

• Inhale, roll from the hip and articulate the spine into a long line including the neck

• Reaching from the shoulder while maintaining a stable shoulder girdle

• Exhale, return the carriage starting with the neck and rolling back up sending your hip up high and transferring your body weight back into your heel/ foot-bar