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Kirsten’s fun and bubbly style of teaching has made her popular with Tempo Pilates students. You can find her classes regularly in our WC2 | Covent Garden and E8 | Hackney studios. Find out Kirsten’s best advice and summer favourites in our interview below.


TP: Tell us about your journey with the Pilates, such as when and how you started practicing the method.

Kirsten: I started practising Pilates about 5 years ago and after a couple of classes I loved it. I started seeing the benefits to my posture, muscle imbalances and also how it assists me in stress relief. It is the whole package for me.

TP: What is it about the Tempo Pilates method you enjoy the most?

Kirsten: The routine at the start of a class really gives students the opportunity to grow and develop. I love seeing new students progress and increase their confidence over a few classes.

TP: What’s some advice you have for a new student at Tempo Pilates?

Kirsten: Enjoy the music, try and have some fun through class and the rest will follow.

TP: What’s a misconception about Pilates you would like to debunk?

Kirsten: It is not Yoga 🙂

TP: Tell us your top tips for students to correct form during class.

Kirsten: Try not to rush the exercises, take the time to think about the cues the instructor is giving, this will help ensure you get the best form & deepest results from the exercises.

TP: What are your best tips to keep cool during a class?

Kirsten: Pop some ice in your water bottle to keep it cool & make sure you take a drink throughout a class.

TP: Besides Pilates, what are some other forms of exercise you enjoy and can recommend?

Kirsten: Oooh tough one, I do also enjoy a good gym session or a HIIT class.

TP: What are your best tips to boost energy for fitness?

Kirsten: Staying hydrated, listen to your body and increase water intake depending on the weather and your activities.

TP: What are your favourite places in London to eat and drink?

Kirsten: Brunch at Sunday Barnsbury, delish.

TP: A fitness apparel/accessories brand whose products you enjoy?

Kirsten: I don’t have a dedication to any particular brands, Lululemon have a lovely range but GAP also have some great reasonably priced items.

TP: Three Instagram profiles you are a fan of?


GoneAdventuring Pilates

TP: A favourite summer holiday destination?

Kirsten: Thailand 🙂 take me there now, please….

TP: Your favourite song from our July playlist?

Kirsten: Inaya Day – Nasty Girl, such a great tune.

TP: Who is an inspirational figure you look up to?

Kirsten: I have some very close friends and family who have overcome huge life battles and inspire me every day to enjoy the life we have, we only get one.

TP: What’s a quote or saying you like to live by?

Kirsten: Don’t take yourself too seriously.

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Tempo-pilates-student-of-the-month-PengPeng has been a regular at our E8 | Hackney studio for over 4 years. Find out about her history at Tempo Pilates and her local favourites below.


When and what made you decide to join Tempo Pilates?

January 2014, in a bid to get trimmer for my wedding.


How many times a week do you come?



What I like the most about Tempo Pilates is…

The fab teachers 🙂


What other forms of exercise do you enjoy?

I try to include boxing at least once a week, just to inject a bigger dose of cardio into my routine.


What is your favourite Tempo Pilates playlist Tune?

Currently, George Ezra’s “Shotgun” on the July 2018 playlist seems very fitting for the London mood we’ve had of late.


What’s a great film/exhibition/concert you’ve seen recently?

Picasso 1932 at the Tate was a delight.


Any favourite local places for food and drinks you can recommend?

Netil 360 for casual drinks in the sun, Coupette (Bethnal Green) for solid cocktails, Brat (Shoreditch) for Basque-inspired cuisine, and Cây Tre (Shoreditch) for easy, tasty Vietnamese bowl food.


What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

Love Island.


What motivational quote do you associate with?

“Success is a series of small wins.”


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Pilates trainer london MARIANNA MOUAIMI

Marianna, a professional contemporary dancer, comes all the way from Cyprus and it has been one year since she began training with Tempo Pilates. Read her interview, including summer recommendations, below:


TP: Tell us about your favourite exercise on the reformer:

Marianna: I really like the long stretch on the reformer, it really challenges the core strength, especially when you reduce to a lighter spring load!


TP: What can students expect from our new Contemporary Pilates classes, and what are the benefits?

Marianna: The Contemporary Pilates classes are focused on the classical Pilates repertoire, reinforcing the basic principles of the Pilates method and encouraging students to learn the proper technique and alignment that will make exercise both safe and effective.


The classes are suitable for absolute beginners and clients that are recovering from injuries as they provide a slower pace through the pilates vocabulary. That being said, advanced students could also benefit from these classes. Instructors will always give a more challenging option for a client with a greater body awareness and it would be good for them to go through the basics again and improve their posture.


TP: What are your favourite pre/post exercise foods?

Marianna: Pre-exercise, having a banana. Post-exercise in the winter I was craving broccoli (not sure why) and now with this lovely weather a sweet juicy nectarine!


TP: A sportswear brand whose products you enjoy?

Marianna: I’m not into brands! I’m a contemporary dancer and I always like to wear comfortable clothes that you can move in!


TP: Another group exercise studio you like in London?

Marianna: At the moment I am into 1Rebel, their reshape classes, as I am trying to improve my running skills.


TP: What’s your favourite summer activity in London?

Marianna: Picnics in Victoria Park!


TP: A holiday destination you would recommend?

Marianna: CYPRUS!!!!!!!!!


TP: Your favourite local places to eat and drink?

Marianna: I like a small Vietnamese restaurant on Dalston Kingsland road (Mien Tay) and the Kenton Arms for a beer in the garden.


TP: Your favourite song from our playlist?

Marianna: Milk & Sugar – Ready Or Not.


TP: A public figure you look up to?

Marianna: Ohad Naharin, choreographer and creator of Gaga movement.


TP: A quote you like to live by?

Marianna: ‘Παν μέτρον Άριστον´ in Greek means ‘Everything in moderation’.

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Natalia, a WC2 | Covent Garden local, is our Student Of The Month for July.  Read our interview with her below.


What made you decide to join Tempo Pilates?

I joined due to back and hamstring injuries. A friend recommended Tempo Pilates and I loved it from the first class.


How many times a week do you come?

Lately, I average about once a week (with a sneaky extra class now and then) due to the demands of my little girl. However, in an ideal world, it would be at least three or four times a week.


What I like the most about Tempo Pilates is…

The constant challenge, the variety, the music, and the feeling of being stronger and more centred as a result.


What other forms of exercise do you enjoy?

Dancing, walking, HITT, more dancing.


What is your favourite Tempo Pilates playlist tune?

Loved the The Cranberries – Dreams (Dr. Kucho remix),  February 2018 playlist 🙂


Any favourite local places for food and drinks you can recommend?

Timber Yard, Boki, Flat White, Tintico. Anywhere with excellent coffee and a chilled vibe.


What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

Dark chocolate, obviously.


What motivational quote do you associate with?

“Not all those who wander are lost” – J. R. R. Tolkien


What are your new year’s resolutions for 2018?

Be more mindful.


Photo by Luce Newman-Williams Photography

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