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Pilates can help you with your Winter Sports! Core strength, and high levels of muscle endurance are required to perform winter sports well. Our Pilates classes in London E8 and London WC2 help with overall endurance, strength and conditioning to build strong muscles, whilst also focusing on balance through development of the Powerhouse – aka “core” which creates the foundation required to enable the body to excel at winter sports.

Pilates creates endurance and strength in the specific muscles needed for winter sports, and unlike gym weight training, Pilates exercises also focus on the alignment of the hips, knees and ankles and core strength required to keep balanced and create flow in your winter sporting activities. Many positions in Pilates concentrate on maintaining positions which mirror those undertaken in winter sports, and which build upper leg and core stamina. For example, you need to keep your position with bent knees when you ski and skate – and this is a move replicated in our reformer Pilates classes. Squats are another move which all skiers and skaters know well, and which can be tough to maintain for hours on the slopes and rinks. Here at Tempo Pilates, our students will know that we often incorporate exercises on the Pilates reformer which require our students to build strength in squat positions. In essence, in our reformer Pilates classes, we target the muscle groups required to maintain a steady, balanced and strong body capable of taking part in winter activities all day long. You can try our Pilates classes, and see for yourself the benefit we can give to you in your training towards your winter holiday at our London E8 or London WC2 studios.

Kari’s Tempo Pilates Winter Tip: Winter sports require the participant to have good, stable balance. This is usually because these types of activities are performed on slippery surfaces (skating rinks, ski slopes, etc.). Many of our exercises at Tempo Pilates can help you to achieve a strong, stable core…which will help with improved posture & balance. One of my favourite exercises is a standing reverse lunge, including a torso twist (holding the ring). These types of exercises challenge our stability while strengthening our abdominal muscles.