I always look forward to finding the song for placement in your Pilates classes as I get the chance to sift through lots of unusual light and airy compositions and discover artists I wouldn’t necessarily go hunting for any other day. Forty-two year old American composer Dustin O’Halloran has become part of the neo classical scene. His music and musical collaborations have been making me stop, take time out and listen. You can really feel what O’Halloran is feeling or rather trying to tell you. His background begun learning the piano from the age of 7, studying art at college in Santa Monica and forming the melancholic, indie rock band The Devics. Along side that he has been scoring for films such as Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette and 2011 film Like Crazy, to name a few, which have made people sit up and take notice. If you happen to be heading to Primavera festival this year, you will see O’Halloran along side Pixies, Disclosure and Tempo Pilates favourites Darkside! Sounds like a pretty good line up to me.

We chose YouTube sensation JENI’s smooth RNB remix of SBTRKT’s Wildfire feat Little Dragon to help you focus on those obliques this month. Joining Youtube in 2006, the talented Korean now has nearly 300,000 subscribers checking out her wicked remixes, having also watched her as a finalist on Kpop star (the Korean X Factor) as a contestant. This one woman band can really sing and is a very modest and confident performer – something that nowadays can be hard to come by. We hope to see her get some more recognition and perhaps the opportunity to begin writing her own material. I guess we will have to wait and see. We love her at Tempo Pilates and we hope you do too!


It’s been 30 years since Kate Bush toured since her only tour in 1979. Therefore, Tempo Pilates thought we should commemorate this by finding not one but two gems from her fine musical collection to get you through your Reformer Pilates classes. One is a remix by French house/nu disco/funk UK producer Louis La Roche and one from Bush’s brilliant 2005 album Aerial. Sadly and to no surprise her tour in London is sold out so unless you got that golden ticket, you can groove to it on your reformer instead! Additionally, you can buy the dvd! A fine example of perseverance, it took three attempts to convince EMI to sign the teenager. Being so young, they decided to invest and improve her already amazing talent by enrolling her in dance and mime classes. An investment which is evident in her style and videos.
MUSIC + PILATES = TEMPO PILATES  by Hayley Johnston – Tempo Pilates playlist creator

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