You will be pulse, pulse, pulse’ ing your abs on the Pilates Reformer this month with new soulful/electro outfit Years & Years. The boys from London have just released their second track ‘Real’. I have had this synth pop number stuck in my head for the past week! Just like Tempo Pilates – It’s addictive! The video sees English actor Ben Whishaw pulling some crazy cute dance moves and he really does pull off the adorable lost and confused look really well. Lead Singer Olly Alexander isn’t a stranger to acting either having starred in films such as Bright Star and the 2012 remake of Great Expectations and also the UK teen drama Skins.


And as your class comes to an end at Tempo Pilates you will be serenaded with the serene sounds of Son Lux with his newest single Alternate World. Born in New York, the man behind the name, Ryan Lott, spent most of his time composing for commercials in between album releases. He first met his wife, a ballet dancer, while collaborating with her to produce a dance piece during their studies and continues to produce compositions for dance and film companies to this day. The voice you hear is Christopher Barnes from a band named Gem Club (who are also really good, check em out!). Together, Christopher Barnes’s fragile voice and Ryan Lott’s classical arrangements have synced stupendously for this track and I would like to hear more! If you fancy checking out more of what Son Lux has to offer in the scheme of things, he is playing 21st of May at XOYO,click here> in London – The perfect Thursday night hang out after your Tempo Pilates class in E8.


You will be winding down for your finale at Tempo Pilates with Bon Iver and Daughter’s collaboration ‘Perth Love’. Bon Iver takes it’s name from the French phrase ‘Bon Hiver’ which translates as Good Winter (I’ve just realised I have been pronouncing it wrong all this time). At their first concert following their debut album ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’, an unknown drummer named Sean Carey approached lead singer Justin Vernon. He informed him that he had learned the whole album from My Space off by heart and wanted to play with him. He took to the stage later that night, was signed afterwards and is to this day Vernon’s bandmate in Bon Iver. So it just goes to show that like our Tempo Pilates classes, hard work, determination and taking chances pays off. You never know unless you try, just what you are capable of achieving.


By Hayley Johnston – Tempo Pilates Playlist Creator. See More Tempo Pilates music on Pinterest – Click Here>