• Daniel le Roux
    Daniel le RouxDirector

    As Tempo Pilates’ director, Daniel really does see Pilates as a way of life. Having qualified as a reps level three Personal Trainer and Sports Masseur through Premier Global Training, it was the natural choice for him to explore Pilates’ benefits – and this exploration turned into one of Daniel’s biggest passions! First introduced to the practice by one of the UK’s top trainers, Liz Bussey, he then travelled for ten months, successfully teaching mat-work and Pilates reformer classes to an international clientele. Daniel then returned to the UK and studied the Dynamic Pilates technique and Stott Pilates. He launched Tempo Pilates in 2010.

    DANIEL’S FITNESS PHILOSOPHY – “Nothing will work unless you do.”

    You may not be able to do it in your first class, but by putting in maximum effort (and letting Daniel keep you motivated with his inspirational attitude!) you can achieve your goals.

    WHY DANIEL’S CLASS? Daniel’s classes are for you if enjoy being inspired by music in order to challenge your limits, whilst ensuring you perform each movement precisely and correctly for maximum benefit. Daniel is constantly motivated by music and the flow of his classes. As a teacher, he prides himself on inspiring any student to achieve their goals. All that Pilates teaches, Daniel lives.

    • Catherine Riding
      Catherine RidingHead Trainer

      A much sought out instructor, with a devout following, Catherine has over 22 years’ experience working as a fitness professional teaching a diverse array of inspirational, fun and results driven classes. She combines her teaching skills with humour, creativity, motivation and education. She trained at the headquarters of Stott Pilates in Canada over 10 years ago and regularly attends workshops to keep abreast of the latest research. Catherine has also completed advanced study in injury rehabilitation and is a certified pre and post natal Pilates Specialist. She also understands the rigours of sport, herself a keen road cyclist qualifying for the UCI World Championships in 2015. Catherine is also an experienced Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Professional Co-Active Life Coach.

      CATHERINE’S FITNESS PHILOSOPHY – “Exercise to be fit, not skinny. Eat to nourish your body. Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle. Never forget that every day you wake with the chance to be amazing, to be better than yesterday.”

      WHY CATHERINE’S CLASS? Catherine offers a balanced, results orientated, full body workout in every class. Her style of teaching is grounded in the classical method of Pilates, but she also incorporates her knowledge of fitness, strength and sports training along with mindfulness. She is down to earth, friendly, compassionate and caring. Catherine’s aim is to encourage everyone to achieve more than they thought they could in every class, have lots of fun in the process and leave the class feeling invigorated and inspired.



        One of Tempo Pilates most friendly and compassionate trainers, Gina’s background in fitness sparked her interest in core training and strength. Gina then trained in Dynamic Pilates technique, STOTT Mat, Reformer Pilates, and has also undertaken the Alan Herdsman’s reformer workshop and an intensive Pilates Pregnancy workshop with Body Control. This wealth of training and knowledge allowed her to work as a high-end and exclusive Pilates personal trainer (even training Qatar’s First Lady!), and now we are lucky enough to have her on the Tempo Pilates team, having worked in our London WC2, Covent Garden studio as well as Hackney E8.

        “Build Your Strength”

        Gina believes the key to Pilates exercises is to ensure you gain your strength slowly, building on it in every class, in order to enjoy long lasting results.

        WHY GINA’S CLASS? Start with Gina if you like a warm introduction to a new exercise, or if you need a bit of banter to help you break through those pesky fitness barriers! Gina is great with beginners, whilst also able to aid the more experienced student in perfecting their technique.


        • Zindzi Mckinlay
          Zindzi MckinlayTrainer

          Zindzi is a Personal trainer and as well as being a group exercise instructor, she is also qualified in classical matwork pilates. Keeping fit and healthy is a way of life for Zindzi. Having discovered the benefits of Pilates, she strives to inspire others to share her passion, giving her that extra spark to motivate her students to reach their desired goals.

          ZINDZI’S FITNESS PHILOSOPHY – “There is more to fitness than just looking good”.

          It improves health, well being and quality of life. She believes fitness should be fun and enjoyable, something to look forward to and something that leaves you feeling satisfied at the end of the day.

          WHY ZINDZI’S CLASS? With her fun, warm and welcoming personality, Zindzi will help you sculpt your body into shape in her challenging classes. She is ready to embark with you on an amazing journey of not just physical fitness, but a coordination of body, spirit and mind.


          • Taryne McPherson
            Taryne McPhersonTRAINER

            Taryne is a personal trainer, spin, kettle bells instructor and athlete in middle & long distance running and mum of 3!  Taryne has an intense passion for health and fitness and believes that everyone should embrace a healthy lifestyle. Taryne discovered mat Pilates 8 years ago and believes Pilates compliments her running and other aspect of her training “I’m stronger and have been injury free for years, thanks to Pilates” Taryne qualified as an mat Pilates teacher 5 years ago as she was so impressed with the benefits and is keen to share what she has learnt with others.

            TARYNE’S FITNESS PHILOSOPHY – “Strong is the new skinny” I believe everyone should be given the opportunity to see where their strengths are; mentally and physically. We should always challenge ourselves to see if we can achieve more. Trying to me is better than not trying! Exercising should be challenging, but fun and enjoyable at the same time.

            WHY TARYNE’S  CLASS? Taryne’s classes are challenging, fun, warm and welcoming. What you see is what you get

            • Toby Davis
              Toby DavisTRAINER

              Toby holds a level 3 Diploma in personal training. He specialises in strength training and outdoor fitness. He has been a personal trainer for over 5 years and has completed his advanced STOTT mat Pilates course. He holds a life long passion for many sports including rugby and cricket, both of which he has played at County level and two seasons in France playing 1st division rugby. He likes to think he could still give them a run for their money, but doesn’t like to admit he’s probably better off playing for the old boys team! He chose to become a Pilates teacher after his wife booked into Tempo Pilates and he fell in love with the concept.

              TOBY’S FITNESS PHILOSOPHY – “Nothing good ever comes easy. If life gives you lemons, add ice and sugar and make lemonade”

              We tend to forget the basic principles that link our mind to our body movements. Pilates helps to reconnect and build those pathways. Life always feels a little bit sweeter after a good Pilates workout.

              WHY TOBY’S CLASS? Toby’s classes are perfect for beginners and intermediates alike. You will work hard, push your limits and have fun doing it. Be prepared to sweat!

              • Sarah May
                Sarah MayTRAINER

                Sarah first started Pilates during her dance training on the BA(Hons) Theatre Dance Course at London Studio Centre. She found Pilates so beneficial to keeping her body strong and injury free against the demands of full time dance training. Upon graduating she took her Pilates Matwork qualification with Body Control Pilates and is now a Level 3 (REPS) Matwork Instructor. Her dance training has always given her the desire to want to push her body to the next level, so she then went on with training to teach Dynamic Reformer Pilates and since discovering the endless possibilities in Reformer Pilates, she hasn’t looked back!

                SARAH’S FITNESS PHILOSOPHY – ‘There’s no such thing as can’t’

                With patience, persistence and practice you can work towards any goal!  If initially something seems challenging, take small steps to achieve it!

                WHY SARAH’S CLASS? Sarah’s classes are great for building up stamina and strength.  She loves helping you achieve your goals, so that you can really start to feel and see the difference in your body, both in and out of the studio.  You’ll get a good work out and have fun doing so!

                • Maureen Zalloum
                  Maureen ZalloumTrainer

                  Maureen started ballet aged just 4, and has taught dance classes from the age of 16. She has choreographed and performed professionally in many productions in Lebanon, Dubai and Qatar. After moving to London to specialise in contemporary dance, she was introduced to Pilates. Since then she has been hooked!!

                  Inspired by her Pilates practice, she went on to do a Pilates Matwork qualification with Body Control Pilates and is now a Level 3 (REPS) Matwork Instructor. After seeing how much Pilates benefited her, keeping her fit and injury free after long hours of rehearsals, she decided to challenge herself and start training with the Pilates reformer.

                  MAUREEN’S  FITNESS PHILOSOPHY – “If you miss class for one day, you will notice; if you miss class for two days, your colleagues will notice; if you miss class for three days, your audience will notice.” –

                  Consistency is key when it comes to staying in shape, whether you’re a dancer, an athlete or you have an office job. You may not be able to do everything perfectly the first time, but by applying yourself in every class, you will reach your goals.

                  WHY MAUREEN’S CLASS? Maureen is very kind and helpful with beginners; she breaks down the exercises to make understanding the technique a lot easier for new clients, while at the same time, pushing them to their limits. On the other hand, she likes to challenge more advanced clients, helping them work hard towards their goals with perfect technique!

                  • Natella Gigichkori
                    Natella GigichkoriTrainer

                    Natella started off performing as a modern dancer before discovering Pilates and Yoga as a way to alleviate the physical toll on her body that she endured as a dancer.

                    Having always been passionate about health and nutrition she soon found her true calling and transitioned from a life of dance to a career in the fitness industry. She has many qualifications under her belt having completed courses in Aerobics, Nutrition, REPs (level 3), Stott Pilates Matwork (level 3), as well as completing a degree in Sports Science

                    She has gained broad knowledge by working as a Personal Trainer and also through self-practice. She is passionate about teaching, and is living her dream of using the Pilates method to help her clients become healthier, happier, and fitter.

                    NATELLA’S FITNESS PHILOSOPHY  – “Tomorrow you will wish you started today” – It is always hard to push yourself to start a new routine and get out of your comfort zone but its always rewarding to see results afterwards. Don’t wait for the right time, start today and you wont regret it.

                    WHY NATELLA’S CLASS She will inspire and motivate you to achieve your fitness goals and give you that extra push!


                    • Babs Afolayan
                      Babs AfolayanTRAINER

                      Babs is a Sports Science graduate and lives Health and Fitness. He has amassed 9 years experience within the industry and enjoys a variety of disciplines such as Boxing, Long distance running and Pilates.

                      As a youth Babs played Football at semi-professional level and has also competed in triple jump and 400m at county level. He got into Pilates after learning and understanding its benefits for every day posture and how it improves sporting performance.

                      BABS FITNESS PHILOSOPHY  – “Your health is your greatest wealth” Babs believes that everyone should invest in their health. The quality of your life depends on it.

                      WHY BABS CLASS? – Babs aims to challenge everybody who attends his class so if you’re looking to get results you’re in the right place. He focuses on good technique, flow and variation.

                      • Jessica Hathaway
                        Jessica HathawayTRAINER

                        Jessica’s background in performing arts has meant she’s always had a keen interest in the way the body can move. Jessica, having always valued what Pilates has done for her as a dancer, decided to take further training to become an instructor.

                        Jessica specialises in working with dancers using Pilates to enhance technique and strengthen performance but she truly believes that Pilates is a way of life and it is beneficial to people of all ages and backgrounds. Jessica is a level 3 mat instructor.


                        JESSICA’S FITNESS PHILOSOPHY – “Fitness is a meeting of the body and mind- achievable for all so show up and make it count!”


                        WHY JESSICA’S  CLASS? Jessica’s warm personality works for beginners and more advanced clients alike. She loves to assist clients through their Pilates journey helping them realise their goals!