• Daniel le Roux
    Daniel le RouxDirector

    As Tempo Pilates’ director, Daniel really does see Pilates as a way of life. Having qualified as a…read more>


      One of Tempo Pilates most friendly and compassionate trainers, Gina’s background in fitness sparked her interest in…read more>


      • Maureen Zalloum
        Maureen ZalloumTrainer

        Maureen started ballet aged just 4, and has taught dance classes from the age of 16. She has…

        • Sarah May
          Sarah MayTRAINER

          Sarah first started Pilates during her dance training on the BA(Hons) Theatre Dance Course at London Studio Centre. She found…

          • Toby Davis
            Toby DavisTRAINER

            Toby holds a level 3 Diploma in personal training. He specialises in strength training and…

            • Taryne McPherson
              Taryne McPhersonTRAINER

              Taryne is a personal trainer, spin, kettle bells instructor and athlete in middle & long distance running and…

              • Zindzi Mckinlay
                Zindzi MckinlayTrainer

                Zindzi is a Personal trainer and as well as being a group exercise instructor, she is also… 

                • Jessica Hathaway
                  Jessica HathawayTRAINER

                  Jessica’s background in performing arts has meant she’s always had a keen interest in…

                  • Kirsten Somers
                    Kirsten SomersTRAINER
                    Currently living in London but originally from Melbourne, Australia. After years of…
                    • Michelle Lane
                      Michelle LaneTRAINER
                      Michelle began Pilates as part of her National Diploma in Musical Theatre and …
                      • James Shaw
                        James ShawTRAINER
                        James found Pilates after a dramatic weight loss. He’d lost the weight, but still…
                        • Catherine Riding
                          Catherine RidingTRAINER

                          A much sought out instructor, with a devout following, Catherine has over 22 years’ experience working as…read more>

                          • Simge Cronin
                            Simge CroninTRAINER

                            Simge’s interest in pilates began at University. Having grown up in Izmir Turkey, pilates was an extremely …

                            • Marianna Mouaimi
                              Marianna MouaimiTRAINER

                              Marianna, came to London to study Theatre Dance at London Studio Centre, University of the Arts London, where she gained a BA Honours. Since then she …

                              • Victoria Lamm
                                Victoria LammTrainer

                                Victoria’s been teaching Pilates since 2012 and since then her passion has only grown. She has a First Class BA Hons Degree in Theatre Dance and …read more>

                                • Clare Court
                                  Clare CourtTrainer

                                  Clare started Pilates as a dancer, to help her maintain optimal functional fitness and overcome injuries. A passion for the method led her to gain qualifications from…read more>

                                  • Aimee Adams
                                    Aimee AdamsTrainer

                                    Aimee has always had a keen interest in health and fitness and was first introduced to Pilates whilst living in Melbourne, Australia, where she……read more

                                    • Amanda Formisano
                                      Amanda FormisanoTrainer

                                      Movement has been at the heart of Amanda’s journey to Pilates. Involved in ballet and contemporary dance, figure skating and gymnastics from a young age, it was while studying Migration Studies in Oxford ……read more

                                      • Sal Kashoura
                                        Sal KashouraTrainer

                                        Sal has been working in the fitness industry for 15 years. He has studied mat Pilates level 3 REPS with Polestar Pilates, passionate about movement and ……read more

                                        • Molly Hurley
                                          Molly HurleyTrainer

                                          Molly holds a Level 3 Mat Pilates certification from Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI). She also holds PICP Level 1 certification from ……read more

                                          • Yasmin Jones Sheahan
                                            Yasmin Jones SheahanTrainer

                                            Yasmin began dancing from a young age, which sparked her interest in fitness.  She studied Maths at University, but made time to dance and began teaching classes  ……read more