If you are an enthusiastic winter sports person, you may have read our Blog (click here) on how Tempo Pilates can help you to get the best out of them.

Tempo Pilates is also a great complement for the runners amongst our students at London E8 and WC2. Whether you are aiming for a marathon or a casual jog around London Fields, Pilates can help to raise your game.

Running is a great cardiovascular workout however running alone can create imbalances and injuries.  Our Reformer Pilates classes can help to address this by strengthening muscles you do not engage in running.  The runners amongst our students will often have lower back or knee pain, tight hip flexors and hamstrings, poor balance and a weak core.

Tempo Pilates helps with overall endurance, strength and conditioning to build strong muscles, whilst also focusing on balance through development of the Powerhouse – aka “core” which creates the foundation required to enable the body to excel at running.  Tempo Pilates also improves flexibility and helps ease backache.

“@HelloDlR class last night really helped back just did 4 mile interval session and only odd twinge.  Thank you :-)”  @LBehrG – Twitter

So, whatever your running goals are – take advantage of our introduction offers at our East London, E8 and Covent Garden, WC2 studios and help improve your overall fitness.