Zindzi MckinlayTrainer

    Zindzi is a Personal trainer and as well as being a group exercise instructor, she is also qualified in classical matwork pilates. Keeping fit and healthy is a way of life for Zindzi. Having discovered the benefits of Pilates, she strives to inspire others to share her passion, giving her that extra spark to motivate her students to reach their desired goals.

    ZINDZI’S FITNESS PHILOSOPHY “There is more to fitness than just looking good”.

    It improves health, well being and quality of life. She believes fitness should be fun and enjoyable, something to look forward to and something that leaves you feeling satisfied at the end of the day.

    WHY ZINDZI’S CLASS?  With her fun, warm and welcoming personality, Zindzi will help you sculpt your body into shape in her challenging classes. She is ready to embark with you on an amazing journey of not just physical fitness, but a coordination of body, spirit and mind.