Verner trained as a professional ballet dancer for 9 years and graduated under the same professor as Mikhail Baryshnikov (Carrie’s lover in “Sex and the City”). To counter balance his strict, classical upbringing Verner moved to London and studied for a BA in Theatre Dance widening his horizons not just in dance but also other stage disciplines. During the course in his schedule he discovered Pilates. Upon graduation he received the Elizabeth West award for best young performance director and established his own physical theatre company.
    Among other creative work as an actor, performer, international model he also worked in more static office jobs as a cinema manager/projectionist, account manager which eventually led to his return and qualification as a Mat and Reformer Pilates trainer.

    Now besides teaching, Verner is a film-maker and runs his own film festival called Future Meridian.

    Verner’s Fitness Philosophy
    3D workouts, inside out.

    Why Verner’s class?
    Verner’s classes are comprehensive, energetic, challenging at the right level and pay strong attention to technique. He is knowledgeable, good at giving direction for everyone to follow, patient and by your side to correct when needed.