Meghan PoultneyTrainer

    As a Registered Dietitian, Meghan has always been interested in health and well-being. An avid runner, she found Pilates when she was looking to find a complementary exercise that would help her gain strength and prevent injury. After moving to London from Canada with her partner, she took the change as an opportunity to switch from her career in corporate nutrition and pursue her passion for fitness. The upbeat classes and warm environment at Tempo gave her the confidence to make that leap.

    MEGHAN’S FITNESS PHILOSOPHY – “The ability to exercise and move is a gift – don’t take it for granted!” Look at fitness as something you “get to do”, not something you “have to do”. Find something you love (like Tempo Pilates) and celebrate the fact that your body and mind gets stronger every time you do it.

    WHY MEGHAN’S CLASS? Meghan’s focus is for you to leave happier than when you arrived. It’s a “good vibes only” zone that will welcome all who want to practice!