Katy RichesTrainer

    With a professional background in Dance, Katy began to practise Pilates to help cope with the demands of the industry and maintain a strong mind-body connection. Realising her passion, she trained to become an instructor in mat work and reformer. Katy enjoys watching her clients discover the many benefits of Pilates and is committed to helping them achieve their desired results.

    Katy’s Fitness Philosophy

    Regarding Pilates as one of the most effective and successful ways to keep strong and healthy, Katy would like to bring its advantages to everyone. She believes “Pilates is not just for class, it’s for life’.

    Why Katy’s class

    With a combined knowledge of performance and Pilates, Katy places emphasis on technique and quality of movement, achieving optimum results in a safe and effective way. She will help you discover what you are capable of mentally and physically, with a view of starting a long, healthy relationship with your body.