A longtime Pilates fan, Joe’s been coming to our London E8 | Hackney and E1 | Shoreditch Reformer Pilates studios for over 4 years. Read about his routine and entertainment recommendations below.

When and what made you decide to join Tempo Pilates?
After getting bored of mat Pilates, I joined Tempo Pilates in 2013. Ignoring a few lengthy chunks living outside London, I’ve been coming ever since.


How many times a week do you come?
I try and come every other day, schedule permitting!


What I like the most about Tempo Pilates is…
The music!


What motivational quote do you associate with?
“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

What is your favourite Tempo Pilates playlist Tune?
Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall is one of my favourite albums, which makes footwork to Burn This Disco Out a treat.


What’s a great film/exhibition/concert you’ve seen recently?
I recommend Matilda the Musical to any Roald Dahl fans out there!


Do you have any favourite local places for food and drinks you can recommend?
The greatest breakfast place on earth is Fingers Crossed on Amhurst Road.