Star sidekick on the Pilates Reformer

About this exercise

To strengthen the abdominals, obliques, deltoids and latissimus dorsi.

Start position
Pelvis and spine neutral, one line from feet to head, holding the footbar in line with shoulder, with the scapula stabilised. Top arm straight resting along top side, palm facing down.

Inhale; press the carriage away; simultaneously adduct the free arm and leg. Stabilise the torso, flex the top hip, reaching the leg long and forward with the top arm to be slightly rounded overhead, turning palm downwards.
Exhale; maintain a long line from the feet to the head, adduct the supporting arm to control the return of the carriage. Simultaneously, adduct free arm and leg.

Star Sidekick tips by Tempo Pilates trainer Gina Papadopoulos