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We miss you! In light of recent changes, we have arranged ONLINE CLASSES so that you can continue to workout with your favourite trainers..


Beginner Only reformer pilates classes are designed for new students to the Tempo Pilates method or Pilates in general. These classes will teach you our core repertoire and give you the opportunity to learn the method with other newcomers at a slightly slower pace.

Contemporary Pilates

Contemporary Pilates is based around Joseph Pilates original exercises but has been modernised due to more recent research and influences regarding biomechanics and physical therapy. Trainers may still incorporate some of the original exercises found in Classic Pilates, but there is also a wide range of new exercises that have been added or variations added for specific needs.

Tempo Pilates™ – L1

Our Beginner/Intermediate classes are just under an hour. The first 30 minutes of each class follows our signature repertoire of core Tempo Pilates exercises. These are specifically designed to warm up the body whilst strengthening your core. The second half of the class is the individual trainer’s freestyle, meaning you’ll never get the same class twice.

Tempo Pilates™ – L2

Intermediate/Advanced classes build on the strength gained in our Beginner/ Intermediate classes and are intense, with less rest and more challenges. The classes incorporate new exercises and are designed to challenge. Choose this class if you’re ready to take it up a level.

TP X-Press – L3

Our X-Press classes take the Tempo Pilates method up a gear, incorporating HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) principles and really pushing you to your fitness limits. These sessions are 40 minutes long and designed to give you a challenging full-body workout that will get you sweating – but back to your desk inside the lunch-hour.

Up-Tempo Pilates – L3

Up–Tempo Pilates classes are just under an hour  of unapologetic, “tough love” . Challenging your core, flexibility, stamina and overall body strength to its maximum capacity. Overall, the focus is more on control, concentration and precision. In return you will be rewarded by maximum calorie burn and muscle tone.


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