pilates-teacher-london-cat-laneOne of our regular London WC2 | Covent Garden studio trainers, Cat Lane has been practising Reformer Pilates for 9 years as part of her training as a dancer. Read our chat with her below.


TP: What is it about the Tempo Pilates method you enjoy the most?

Cat: I think the Tempo Pilates method has a great blend of fast-paced reformer work while still really connecting to classical technique. The music always helps to motivate as well, and distract from the burn.


TP: What’s some advice you have for a student new to Tempo Pilates?

Cat: Don’t be afraid to ask questions to understand why we are doing a certain move. The more you can connect your mind with the movement, the more focused and effective you can be.


TP: What’s a misconception about Pilates you would like to debunk?

Cat: That it is Yoga! I think both practices are great and very complimentary but completely different. I also love when people realize the potential to really push themselves further and further in Pilates and understand that the basics are the building blocks and they can take it as far as they want.


TP: Tell us your top tips for students to correct form during class.

Cat: Resist the tendency to rush through an exercise. Try and follow the pace your trainer has set so you have time to give your form full attention. Don’t be overwhelmed if you feel there are so many corrections to think about and try and focus on applying one or two at a time.


TP: Besides Pilates, what are some other forms of exercise you enjoy and can recommend?

Cat: Yin yoga is amazing for deep release in the muscles especially if you are battling injury, and any form of dance whether you’re taking a class or just dancing socially- it always makes me feel great!


TP: What are your best motivational tips to maintain a fitness routine?

Cat: I think having a plan and structure are great motivators, booking into a class in advance or planning to meet a friend to work out can help you keep your exercise regular.


TP: What are your favourite places in London to eat and drink?

Cat: Great question! If you live south, Streatham Wine House is an absolute little gem. My sisters and I swear by a little Italian in Kennington called Maximo, it doesn’t look like much but the food is incredible. Apart from that I love markets so often go to Borough or Brixton to meet friends.


TP: A fitness apparel/accessories brand whose products you enjoy?

Cat: I have to stick with Lululemon I’m afraid. I’ve tried a lot and nothing else feels as good or last as long but I would say find out when they are having sample sales as you can pick up some great bargains.


TP: Your favourite song from our May playlist?

Cat: The warm-up: Make Me Feel by Janelle Monae.


TP: Who is an inspirational figure you look up to?

Cat: I’m always inspired by ordinary people who have lived extraordinary lives so I’d have to say people like Jackie Pullinger and Corrie ten Boom.


TP: What’s a quote or saying you like to live by?

Cat: “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world yet forfeit their soul” keeps me focused on what’s important.