1. Start your day off by drinking a cup of hot water with slice of lemon in it.

2. Follow this with a fresh fruit and vegetable juice or smoothie, mix with “green powders”, and other protein sources such as hemp and pea protein powders, avocado or almond milk. See above an example of a smoothie our New Year, New You winner has been tucking into before her classes at London E8. Yum!

3. Add as much raw food to your diet as you can through the day, accompany meals with salads, and try to incorporate vegetables into every meal.

4. Spices are great for adding taste and have hidden medical benefits – so everyone’s a winner! Stock up on garlic, ginger, chilli, turmeric, cumin to name a few.

5. Alcohol and caffeine in moderation.

6. Keep hydrated during and after your reformer Pilates classes with at least 8 glasses of water a day. Green tea highly recommended as a post class pick up!

7. Natural based supplements recommended.

8. Probiotics – daily for protection of the gut.

9. Omega 3 fatty acids – for protective effects on the vascular system and the brain. Quality supplements can be acquired from marine or plant based sources.

10. Vitamin D3 – Important for bone health, potent anti-inflammatory agent and is involved in brain function and cancer prevention. Blood levels should be checked.