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The wait is over…

We’ve missed you and we’re very excited to welcome you back at our E1 | Shoreditch and E8 | Hackney studios on Monday 17th of May 2021. WC2 | Covent Garden more information to follow.

Our team is now reactivating existing packages and readjusting expiry dates accordingly, we aim to have the schedule live by Friday 14th of May. Before attending your first class back, please take a look at below

Safeguarding Measures
Extensive behind-the-scenes safeguarding measures are in place for your safety including;
– Antibacterial hand gels available at all studios to use before and after class.
– Antibacterial and antiviral disinfectants provided to spray reformers and all equipment between classes.
– Ongoing cleaning of high-contact touch points throughout the premises.
– Implementation of rigorous deep-cleaning procedures.
– Face coverings provided for all staff, although they will not be mandatory
– Face coverings for students are encouraged in all areas of the studio except when on the reformer
– Social distance floor markings.
– Upgraded ventilation system ensuring continuous flow of fresh air in the studio
– An immediate action plan and a critical incident plan is in place should a student or staff member become unwell.

Still the same Tempo classes you love
In addition to these measures, we have made some changes to our in-studio procedures to provide our students a safe and stress-free experience.
– Studio classes will have limited capacity to ensure recommended distance is maintained between each student, and there will be no hands-on corrections from trainers.
– Classes will now be 50 minutes long to allow for additional cleaning and sufficient transition time for students.
– Please turn up to your class no earlier than 5 minutes before it begins, and leave the studio promptly after class. This will assist us in maintaining social distancing in our reception area and help with queue management.
– We love socialising, but we’ve got to look out for each other right now. Chairs will be removed from our waiting areas.
– Changing room / showers and lockers will be temporarily closed.
– Please arrive ready in your kit, wooden boxes will be provided for all personal belongings which can be taken into the studio with you.
– Our washrooms will remain open.
– Please avoid walk-ins and book your classes in advance.

If you have any enquiry, please email or call the relevant studio to limit crowding at reception. This will also allow for a contact-free payment process which is encouraged now more than ever. If you experience any COVID-19 symptoms, we kindly ask that you remain at home. We are committed to your safety and we will continuously review our measures to make appropriate changes when necessary.


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Flexible PT’s with your safety and needs in mind

We are introducing Flexible Personal Training sessions that are perfect for couples or friends hoping to do reformer pilates but not ready to join classes, personal attention, tailor made sessions and best part they are easy to book.
Our Flexible Personal Training options are available across studios from September , book now and save 10%: Duo =  2 students max, £45 per person or Trio = 3 students max,£30 per person.
Step 1 – Find your most suitable session on our timetable, see slots below.
Step 2 – Purchase PT – Duo, click here> or PT – Trio, click here>  via our online store.
Step 3 – Book yourself in (the Duo/Trio pass is automatically selected). Duo schedule , view/ book click here>. Trio schedule , view/ book click here>.
How challenging are these sessions?
That’s up to you, really! The purpose of our Duo/ Trio sessions is to customise exercises for you. Just speak to your trainer at the beginning of your session to get your tailored program. So whether you prefer a gentler first session; or if you’ve been attending group classes regularly but want to learn the specifics… we have a bespoke session for you. 


I have an injury, can I still attend a Duo/ Trio?
It depends: Your trainer can modify exercises anytime to suit most injuries. The Duo/ Trio sessions allow for the usual modifications from our group classes, but also specifically tailor exercises to you.  If you are concerned about a particular injury or health condition, or would like your trainer to know about it in advance, please contact your studio. 


These slots don’t work for me, can I set up a Duo/ Trio for my friends?
We are constantly monitoring our online timetable and reviewing your feedback to make any changes to our class schedule. If your preferred slot is not yet available, please email your preferred studio, and we will look into this for you. 


How safe are these sessions, really?
Our studio has introduced covid-secure systems and policies to keep you safe and healthy. The Duo/ Trio sessions offer just as much safety as our regular classes but with the added bonus of space, privacy and the chance of having our routine adapted to your specific needs. 


Can I gift a Duo/ Trio to my friend/s?
Yes, just ask reception to purchase sessions for your friend/s using your billing details. We can then transfer the gifted sessions to your friend/s online account with us. 


Is it possible to book regular Duo/Trio’s?
Yes, you can purchase as many sessions as you wish, and book them as far in advance as the expiry date. 


Any other Qs, just email your favourite studio:
The Tempo Pilates Team


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E8 | Reading Lane FAQ

We’ve relocated our Hackney E8 studio and thought these FAQs could be useful.
Please take a look at the below, and let us know if we can be of further help.

– When did you relocate?
We’ve relocated on the 16th of November 2018.

– Where are you?
Unit 1, Great Eastern Buildings, Reading Lane, E8.
That’s close to the Hackney Town Hall, and a stone’s throw from Hackney Central, Hackney Downs, and London Fields stations.

– Why did you move?
We listened to your feedback and found a more accessible street-level location, equipped with Air-con, electronic lockers, private toilets and the best part is, it’s quiet. Our brand new facilities feature lots of natural light and are designed by MAD Interiors.

– How is the relocation going to affect me?
Except for the location change, we aim for everything to remain the same: You will still have our great instructors and our friendly team at reception, our packages, booking system, contact details and schedule will also remain the same. The studio will still have 11 reformers, keeping our classes small and personal.

– What’s the best way to get there?
Click here> for transport links.

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Kirsten’s fun and bubbly style of teaching has made her popular with Tempo Pilates students. You can find her classes regularly in our WC2 | Covent Garden and E8 | Hackney studios. Find out Kirsten’s best advice and summer favourites in our interview below.


TP: Tell us about your journey with the Pilates, such as when and how you started practicing the method.

Kirsten: I started practising Pilates about 5 years ago and after a couple of classes I loved it. I started seeing the benefits to my posture, muscle imbalances and also how it assists me in stress relief. It is the whole package for me.

TP: What is it about the Tempo Pilates method you enjoy the most?

Kirsten: The routine at the start of a class really gives students the opportunity to grow and develop. I love seeing new students progress and increase their confidence over a few classes.

TP: What’s some advice you have for a new student at Tempo Pilates?

Kirsten: Enjoy the music, try and have some fun through class and the rest will follow.

TP: What’s a misconception about Pilates you would like to debunk?

Kirsten: It is not Yoga 🙂

TP: Tell us your top tips for students to correct form during class.

Kirsten: Try not to rush the exercises, take the time to think about the cues the instructor is giving, this will help ensure you get the best form & deepest results from the exercises.

TP: What are your best tips to keep cool during a class?

Kirsten: Pop some ice in your water bottle to keep it cool & make sure you take a drink throughout a class.

TP: Besides Pilates, what are some other forms of exercise you enjoy and can recommend?

Kirsten: Oooh tough one, I do also enjoy a good gym session or a HIIT class.

TP: What are your best tips to boost energy for fitness?

Kirsten: Staying hydrated, listen to your body and increase water intake depending on the weather and your activities.

TP: What are your favourite places in London to eat and drink?

Kirsten: Brunch at Sunday Barnsbury, delish.

TP: A fitness apparel/accessories brand whose products you enjoy?

Kirsten: I don’t have a dedication to any particular brands, Lululemon have a lovely range but GAP also have some great reasonably priced items.

TP: Three Instagram profiles you are a fan of?


GoneAdventuring Pilates

TP: A favourite summer holiday destination?

Kirsten: Thailand 🙂 take me there now, please….

TP: Your favourite song from our July playlist?

Kirsten: Inaya Day – Nasty Girl, such a great tune.

TP: Who is an inspirational figure you look up to?

Kirsten: I have some very close friends and family who have overcome huge life battles and inspire me every day to enjoy the life we have, we only get one.

TP: What’s a quote or saying you like to live by?

Kirsten: Don’t take yourself too seriously.

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