Pilates_teacher_london_jessicaAn all-around entertainer, Jessica has been with Tempo Pilates since 2016 and known for her holistic approach to teaching.

She loves to use Reformer Pilates as a way to train people with all kinds of physical and wellbeing needs.  Read her health and fitness tips and London recommendations below.

TP: What is the most valuable thing you have learnt from all of your experience as a teacher/entertainer?

Jessica: To breath full and wide.  As both a teacher and an entertainer we talk about breathing so often, but it is so important.  It can change intensity, it can assist, it can calm, and it is totally necessary (obviously).  I’d encourage everyone to take the time to have 5 minutes to just relax and breath every day!

TP: What’s a quick tip to help maintain good posture throughout the day?

Jessica: Pay attention to your shoulders, especially if you’re sat at a desk.  Taking the time to roll your shoulders back throughout the day will encourage you to sit a little taller with the collarbone open and smiling.

TP: Do you follow any particular diet that you’d recommend to support a healthy and active lifestyle

Jessica: A constant balance of well-rounded eating and treating yourself occasionally.  I personally like to fuel my day with a lot of fruit and veg finding it’s the best way to boost energy and keep it going throughout the day.  Try to carry a little snack pot (usually containing nuts and dried fruit) for when I’m out and about.

TP: Do you have any tips to combat the winter blues?

Jessica: Get on your coat/scarf/hat/boots. Make sure you have a pack of cards on you then get a friend and go for a nice relaxed walk with the end goal being a red wine in a pub!  A little bit of exercise followed by a reward (this was me in Edinburgh over new year, epic walks followed by cosy pubs).

TP: What’s a lesser known or secret place in London you’d like to share?

Jessica: Great question. It isn’t really a secret place but I love to walk down through Alexandra Palace into Crouch End- I lived there for years and it’s my favourite place in London.

TP: What’s your favourite song from the Tempo Pilates playlist?

Jessica: I couldn’t pick just one- I really like Try it by Groove Motion and the Feeling Good by Nina Simone remix.  I always love the playlist!

TP: A good film/show you have seen recently?

Jessica: For a feel-good film, “The Greatest Showman” (go Hugh Jackman!) But there are so so so many good ones at the moment!!

TP: What is a quote you like to live by?

Jessica: This will depend on the day/ week/ month but today I will say in the words of the great Dolly Parton (I love her) “Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life”


Jessica’s classes are fun, friendly and suitable for beginner and intermediate students alike.  She can be found at the London E8 | Hackney reformer pilates studio on Monday evenings, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and in our WC2 | Covent Garden reformer pilates studio on Friday mornings.