Who is it for?

This is most definitely not for the Beginner or the faint hearted. Even if you are familiar with Pilates and the reformer this class will test you to your limits. You will need to be familiar with the Pilates principles as there will be less explanation, demonstration and corrections.

What to expect? Why come?

You can expect the same great playlists… and the same experienced instructors… but all taken to another level and breaking away from the signature Tempo Pilates repertoire, without losing the signature method.

Up-Tempo Class is an unapologetic, “tough love” class that challenges your core, flexibility, stamina and overall body strength to its maximum capacity. Overall, the focus is more on core and full body strength.

You will find these advanced moves require a high degree of control, concentration and precision. In return you will be rewarded by maximum calorie burn and muscle tone.