Who is it for?

This 40 minute workout was developed with our busy Pilates students in mind. We understand you may have full workloads and hectic social lives. Yet you need to be able to keep fit and healthy too. Enter the X-Press class. No previous knowledge of Pilates or the Tempo Pilates method is required, although due to the speed of the class, it is helpful.

What to expect? Why come?

We incorporate High Intensity Interval Training (known as HIIT) principles into our Tempo Pilates method, and match it to yet another great playlist. This ensures that you get the same full body, heart rate racing, overall body conditioning class as our regular Tempo Pilates classes, but enhanced to make sure you can get back to your desk in an hour.

You will challenge your core, stamina and overall body strength to the maximum level in a shorter period of time.