7TH JULY 2014

We caught up with inspirational Ed and asked him our top five questions:

1. What is your favourite song from a TP playlist?
‘Teach me how to be loved’ Rebecca Ferguson – Dec 13 Playlist, love it! We should have it on every play list.

2. What is your favourite London spot?

Mildred’s vegetarian restaurant in Soho, Lexington Street (I’m a vegetarian wanna be) burger of the day with chunky chips – the best in London!
3. What is your Top Fitness or health Tip?

The power of choice – health, fitness & a sense of well being: they are moment to moment choices in everything we do, what we eat and our attitude towards life.
4. Why do you like TP?

I love the vibe – informal yet focused + the students who are willing to and want to work hard, to be challenged. It makes it a pleasure to teach at Tempo, a contrast to other places.

5. When you’re not at TP, what do you do?

I’m a part time therapist, blogger in the making & always striving for virtue, decency and elegance. I love the written word & I’m passionate about self-development & my role in evolution.

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